Are you asking the right questions to save money on printing?

Restructuring your printing policies may not be on the top of your priorities list, but we’ll bet that cutting costs is. What if we told you that a few changes in how your company prints could significantly lower your overall business costs? You can save money, energy, and resources when you implement a few common sense printing strategies—and you’ll improve your workflows in the process. Here are the questions you should be asking to get your print environment in check.

Is everyone printing in color? One of the classic examples of excessive printing is when employees choose color as the default setting for all print jobs. Color printing can use up more ink, cost more, and even take longer at the printer. Make sure that color printing is reserved for jobs that truly need it.

Are default printer settings right? You can save a lot by simply updating your default printer settings. For instance, choosing a power save mode can reduce your energy consumption, while draft mode can reduce your ink usage. These settings help you reduce the small costs that add up over time.

Are you making the right purchasing decisions? Many companies lose money by choosing cheap printers that aren’t up for the job. If you’re trying to operate a business with copiers and printers that are holding up your productivity, you’re losing money. Be sure to work with a dealer you can trust when you’re choosing a new printer.

Does your staff understand your print policy? Do you have a print policy that outlines what’s appropriate and what isn’t appropriate to print? If so, be sure that your staff understands and adheres to it.

Our managed print services can help you revamp your print environment and save money. Contact us today to learn more.

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