Our IT Services are all about integrating high end hardware with innovative technology, allowing for employee empowerment and further company growth. All our IT Services are supported by our in-house Help Desk

Computime Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services are all inclusive monthly packages which consequently takes a heavy burden off your IT needs.

Assess and provide detailed report on your current IT infrastructure
Eliminate unnecessary and outdated hardware, and install and setup new tech
Manage your computers, network, servers and security
Regularly backup your information and prepare disaster recovery methods
Perform preventative maintenance and 24/7 monitoring
In-house support team and ticketing system.

IT services

Why choose Computime?

At Computime our philosophy is: While you may have the latest and greatest hardware, it will never reach its full potential unless it’s expertly integrated, managed, monitored and secured.

This is what we are all about! We fuse top tier hardware with industry leading software, in addition to supporting it with our expert in-house technicians and engineers.