Cloud Services

What exactly are Cloud Services?

Cloud services provide a means of accessing computers, apps, data, and your other IT resources over the internet instead of a local storage device. Integrated and managed properly, this has many benefits to companies of any size.

Maximize your business’ potential, with Cloud Services

Cut your upfront IT costs
Empowers your staff to be more efficient
Reduces technology management needs
Grants your business greater scalability
Automatic off-site data backups available


First we assess your business goals and develop a cloud strategy that will help you reach them. We determine which applications can be migrated to the cloud, which type of cloud environment works best for you, and what the overall infrastructure needs to look like. This step is crucial to your cloud migration.


This is the process of actually moving your apps and data into the cloud. We modernize old software (when possible) to integrate with the cloud, and develop new cloud enabled processes. This will change the way you do business for the better. It will allow you to develop a new operating model which allows your business more freedom, scalability, and mobility.


After the migration, we work continuously to optimize your cloud infrastructure to maximize the already huge benefits. This involves adjusting controls, governance and security. When managed properly, this allows your business to seamlessly access both your cloud and remaining local storage. 


Cloud migration is a simple concept, but it can be a complicated process. Here are Computime, we do the hard work for you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of our Cloud Services.

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