Technology Procurement

Modern technology is more effective than ever, but it takes more than simply buying new hardware to reap the full benefits.

When you obtain your hardware and software through Computime, you receive a fully customized infrastructure based on your business objectives. From workstations, to servers and network components, to software and licensing – we integrate and optimize everything according to your needs.

New technology

Through or strong technology partners, we have access to the latest and greatest hardware and software. Upgrading your technology regularly greatly empowers your business, and keeps your data secure.

One Point of Contact

Computime is able to source everything for you from reputable sources, at industry rates. Having a single, knowledgeable source for your technology procurement is extremely beneficial – especially when ordering hardware and software from all different manufacturers.

Computime Expertise

When you obtain your hardware and software through Computime, we configure it and install it according to your needs. Even with state-of-the-art technology, poorly configured devices can actually end up hindering your business’ performance. 

synology ds718
hp proliant DL380p

Fully covered!

All hardware you receive through Computime comes from reputable sources – no grey market purchases here! Every product comes fully licensed, and backed by warranty.

Hardware as a Service

Computime offers hardware on-site as a monthly lease whenever needed. All of our HaaS products are designed to equip you with cutting-edge hardware, and allow you to upgrade as technology evolves.

We handle all warranty communications, and replace any device which has failed due to normal wear and tear.

lenovo all in one computer

Stay Current

All of our HaaS products enable you to consistently have cutting edge technology deployed throughout your business.

Avoid Upfront Costs

By leasing hardware as a monthly service, you avoid the costly up-front expense of buying new technology outright. You also gain the freedom to make changes and upgrades regularly.

Stay Covered

All of our Haas products come with full warranties. If ever the need should arise, we replace any hardware that has failed due to normal wear and tear.